Purposely.org is an educational non-profit that provides life guidance to students and emerging young professionals. We help cultivate the space for a deeper sense of life purpose to emerge.

Go far, Together

We’re all on a quest to find our own direction in life, asking the same kinds of questions about what we should be doing with our lives. We’re looking for more than a job. We’re wanting meaningful impact. We don’t just want to make money. We want to make a difference. That’s purpose.

Purpose is different than a job or even a career. It’s about more than what we do. It’s about who we are and the kind of person we want to become. When we struggle to find meaning in what we’re doing, know that there is more to life than constant striving.

Purpose isn’t something that we discover as much as we develop it. It doesn’t usually hit us as a bolt of lightning. Purpose emerges over time. We cultivate it. We develop it. It emerges as a product of our deepest values.

At Purposely, we help cultivate the space for this deeper sense of purpose to develop. Through carefully crafted peer learning groups, we help create a culture for adaptive change where, with the help of others, new pathways emerge.
  • Discover your deepest values
  • Identify life struggles and chart a path ahead
  • Stay on track and stick with it through difficult times
  • Make progress in a context of encouragement
  • Align your life with deeper purpose

Chart Your Course

Purposely.org provides mentoring for students and young professionals through a program of carefully crafted, self-directed peer learning groups. This process facilitates a deeper sense of self-direction.

Carve some Space

Go to college. Get a degree. Start a career. Live happily ever after… For most of us, the path isn’t nearly that simple and straightforward. Our path is ever-winding and even steep at times. Figuring out what to do with our lives can certainly seem overwhelming. We all need some space to catch up, for our lives to come into focus. Our peer groups provide some of that space. In a peer group, we create protected time to help us identify the things we need to work on, as well as a pathway to begin that work. Together, we engage in this process with a group of friends, guided by a coach.

Know You're Not Alone

While you don't have to have your whole life planned out by the time you're 21, life starts coming at you fast. You're being expected to make consequential decisions about the direction of your life—decisions about your long term career path and professional goals but also decisions about finances, money management and debt, and relationships!--It's a lot. It's easy to get caught up in just getting through the next thing—the next test, the next class, the next project. So, if you're stressed and anxious about the future, and you've got this nagging sense that you're not really on track, know that you're not alone. In a healthy peer group, we help one another along.

New pathways Emerge

Students and young adults can easily become overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty about the future. We all need to carve out space to process the big picture of our lives--to reflect not just on what we're doing, but why we're doing it. At purposely.org, our focus is less on the career goals we want to achieve and more on the person we want to become. When we tap into who we are and the kind of person we want to become, new pathways emerge

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Our Purpose

Our brand is the silhouette of a compass with a person (blue) pointing up toward his/her life direction (lime). We believe that a deeper sense of life purpose leads to happier, heathier, more meaningful lives.
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