What We Do

Purposely.org is an educational non-profit that provides life and career coaching to college students and young adults. We help students align their career goals with a deeper sense of life purpose.

We Learn Together

Purposely.org is relational. It is not programmatic nor didactic. That means you will not be assigned books to read or assignments to complete. There is no curriculum that you are being instructed to complete. Instead, we provide mentoring for self-directed peer learning groups made up of friends who are facing similar obstacles and opportunities and who are committed to helping one another along. Members of the peer group identify things that they need to work on, and, within a shared group covenant, design their own pathway forward. The peer group identifies the issues that are important to them, and we work on them together.
Adaptive Learning

We Collaborate as a Peer Learning Community

We've all had bad experiences in peer groups with our classmates, especially those horrible ones where no one wants to do anything and one person winds up doing all the work. Most ad hoc groups like these are generally highly ineffective. For more than 20 years, we've been specialists in healthy group formation and process. We help you build a healthy group of your peers, crafted around your unique goals, where we help one another along.

We Look up at the Big Picture of our Lives

Purpose is emergent. It's not a thing or an object that one can attain. It's not something that one discovers through thumbing through a course catalog of classes, majors, and degree programs. Purpose emerges as a product of our deepest values.

Our core value is that the adult learner is in charge of the learning process. That means we have faith in you, that you know what you need, that you know what you're capable of. We help you tap into that. Then the path ahead emerges and life direction comes more into focus.

Our Process

Practical Coaching

We help students see beyond classes, majors, and degree programs and focus on alignment with their deepest values and life purpose. This is a process that, thruthfully, remains ongoing throughout a person's life. Through mentoring and self-directed peer groups, we provide a pathway for students to begin.

Crafted Groups

We are wired to be social creatures, next to people, around people, with people. We are meant to live our lives with others. The problem is that we don’t always know how to do that, how to work with others, how to listen, how to let others help us along. Every peer group is unique, and a healthy group experience is something that we have to craft. It doesn’t happen just because we stick people in a room together. We help you craft the effective peer group.

Shared Experience

Becoming an active learner means taking charge of your own learning process. It's not that we don't know how to do that. It's just that we don't seem to do it very well by ourselves. Through shared experiences together in a peer group, individuals receive the kind of nudge they might not be able to get on their own.

Adaptive Learning

Every career path has a mountain of technical knowledge that must be mastered, but what students often neglect is their skill in adaptive learning. That's where we apply what we've learned, problem solve, be creative, and develop our emotional quotient. Our self-directed peer learning groups help cultivate growth from the inside out.

Learning Community

The core of our website is a lot like Facebook groups, but unlike the big social media sites, our site isn't about posting random tid bits about your life and scrolling through other people's posts. It's about sharing what you're learning in your group and in your life and building a culture of shared experiences that has the potential of helping others along.

Radical Reflection

We cannot grow if we don't understand the things we need to work on. In a loving way, our peer group helps to hold us accountable to see clearly our strengths and weaknesses and define the practices that we know we need to change.

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