New Paths

When we engage
in a deeply
new pathways

When we engage in a deeply reflecive process new pathways emerge.

We help cultivate the space for a deeper sense of life purpose to emerge.

Purposely is for anyone who wants to cultivate the purpose-grounded life. We especially focus on the unique paths of early adult life--navigating college and career, aligning work and life values, growing personally and professionally, and establishing long term well-being.

What's Next?

"What am I going to do with my life?" "Is this the career I should be pursuing?" "What's next after graduation?" "Is life going the way I imagined it would?" "How do I define happiness in life?"

How do we really answer life's biggest questions?

The answers to life's deepest questions don't tend to hit us like a bolt of lighning as a sudden ephiphany where everything immediately makes sense and the path ahead becomes crystal clear. Instead, the answers to deep questions unfold throughout our lives from an ongoing process of deep self-reflection.

We have the capacity to take charge of that process.

When we engage in an ongoing, deeply reflective process and tap into who we are and the kind of person we want to become, new pathways emerge.

A deep sense of life purpose is emergent. It grows over time as a byproduct of our deepest values. The purpose-grounded life is centered on this process. It is a path focused less on goals to strive for and accomplishments to achieve and more on the kind of person that we want to become.
We all need space to step back, to refocus, to engage in re-creation and renewal. We help you carve intentional space to harness renewed energy, cultivate a deeper sense of purpose, and move forward in new ways.

Carve some Space

Go to college. Get a degree. Start a career. Live happily ever after… For most of us, the path isn’t nearly that simple and straightforward. Our path is ever-winding and even steep at times. Figuring out what to do with our lives can certainly seem overwhelming. We all need some space to catch up, for our lives to come into focus. Our peer groups provide some of that space. In a peer group, we create protected time to help us identify the things we need to work on, as well as a pathway to begin that work. Together, we engage in this process with a group of friends, guided by a coach.

Know You're Not Alone

While you don't have to have your whole life planned out by the time you're 21, life comes fast. You're expected to make these big consequential decisions about the direction of your life before you have the chance to gain meaningful life experience. Then you're expected to get to work and figure it out. That's hard to do at any age. So, if you're stressed and anxious about the future, and you've got this nagging sense that you're not really on track and the path that you're on right now is not going to lead to long-term fulfillment, we want you to know that you're not alone.

New pathways Emerge

It's easy for any of us to feel overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty about the future. We all need to carve out space to process the big picture of our lives--to reflect not just on what we're doing, but why we're doing it. At, our focus is less on the career goals we want to achieve and more on the person we want to become. When we tap into who we are and the kind of person we want to become, new pathways emerge

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Our brand is the silhouette of a compass with a person (blue) pointing up toward his/her life direction (lime). Our mission is cultivating the purpose-grounded life that fosters ongoing renewal, life direction, and long term well-being.
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