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Purposely is a peer learning community bringing people together to enrich one another's lives.We believe that we do better when we are working together.

A peer group is an intentional gathering of friends who come together around common needs and shared goals. The peer group cultivates a culture of support and ongoing renewal so that the growth and change we need in our lives isn't threatening but loving.

It Starts with You

The process starts with you determining what you want to work on, what your needs are. What's holding you back? What's keeping you from achieving all that you want to do? What is the difference that you want to make in the world? We start with your needs, goals, desired outcomes, and we work on the process together.

Together in Community

In a community of active learners, we discuss what we're discovering and share reflections that help guide each other. We believe that community is built with people not for people. We serve as trail guides, facilitators, process leaders to help you work together to explore, discover, learn, and collaborate.
Adaptive Learning

It's not a "course"

Purposely is not a course that you take like in school. It’s not technical instruction. It’s mostly relational, not informational. We’re not trying to get information into people’s brains hoping they’ll want to act on it. We’re inviting people to come together intentionally in ways that enrich one another’s lives.

It's a Process

Purposely cultivates a process, a peer group process that unfolds over time. We help you identify areas of need and growth and then help you design your own path forward. This is a process that you engage in with others in a peer group that you create together, that you're in charge of.

We're facilitating and coaching our own unique methodology that we've been implementing for more than 20 years.
Adaptive Learning

That's E.P.I.C.

EPICs are the practical action steps that peer groups take together. We work collabratively in community to design EPICs that help meet the mutual needs and shared goals of the group. EPICs help to Enlighten us to learn and discover, make consistent step by step Progress, provide Immersive experiences to be in the right environments, and Challenge us in new ways to grow.
Adaptive Learning

The Peer Group Process is...


Purposely fosters a relational, not programmatic, process of peer learning. That means you will not be assigned books to read or assignments to complete. There is no curriculum that you are being instructed to complete. Instead, we help you cultivate a self-directed peer group process that works for you. Together with your peer group, you identify things that you need to work on, and within a shared group covenant, design your own pathway forward.
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We've all had bad experiences in groups, especially those horrible ones with our classmates where no one wants to do anything and one person winds up doing all the work. Most ad hoc groups like these are generally highly ineffective. We help you build a healthy group of your peers, crafted around your unique goals, where you truly work together.
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We facilitate a self-directed group process. That means that you are in charge of your own group. Our core value is that the adult learner is in charge of the process. That means we have faith in you, that you know what you need, that you know what you're capable of. The peer group process helps you tap into that and discover for yourself new paths forward.


We offer you and your peer group the opportunity to work with a Group Guide, a facilitator who helps lead you in the self-directed peer group process. Your Guide is available to help you in your group process, working as a coach and process person. Then we help you share what you're discovering with the whole community to multiply your group's impact.

Our Methodology


Groups form organically through individual buy-in. Though at times chaotic and messy, we don't interrupt the process by assigning individuals to groups.


With the help of their Guide, groups identify their own goals, then they design and implement their group Epics which are how they take action moving forward.


In a dialogical interplay between shared experiences and group reflection, individuals discover opportunities to engage in deep, meaningful self-reflection.


In loving rather than punitive ways, groups help to hold one another accountable for the progress they agreed they wanted to make.

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Our brand is the silhouette of a compass with a person (blue) pointing up toward his/her life direction (lime). We find our purpose in bringing people together for true collaboration that cultivates a purpose-grounded path.
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