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We Do Better
when we
together is based on a process of self-directed, peer learning groups.

We believe that we do better when we are working together.

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Explorer Trail

It's free to get started. When you join you'll be enrolled in the Explorer Trail and directed to a series of short podcasts that explain what we do and how we would hope to help. You'll get several messages to help you along, but you're free to go at your own pace.

Discovery Trail

The Discovery Trail is our primary self-guided path. It's based on a special weekly podcast with opportunities for online group discussion and feedback. The Trail branches in places according to your customized choices. We ask a very small (literally, $1 a week) enrollment fee to participate.

Peer Group

The foundation of what we do is facilitate healthy peer groups. The peer group is an intentional gathering of friends. We walk with you every step of the way to help you elevate your friend groups, spend more meaningful time together, and genuinely help one another along.


Basecamp is a private one to one time with the group and their Guide to establish a culture for the group to map out its path forward together. When your peer group is ready, so can easily schedule a standard Basecamp with no additional fee.

Quality Time

This is a process that unfolds over time. We work together over time and help you to spend a higher quality time together. Nothing will be gained by rushing through or bouncing in and out. It's vital that we allow the process to unfold at the group's pace.


The Pathfinder is a fully customized upgrade to the standard path described above. Pathfinders meet on a regular basis, usually monthly, with their group Guide for ongoing guidance, check-ins, and support.

What We Do

We Learn Together is relational. It is not programmatic nor didactic. That means you will not be assigned books to read or assignments to complete. There is no curriculum that you are being instructed to complete. Instead, we provide mentoring for self-directed peer learning groups made up of friends who are facing similar obstacles and opportunities and who are committed to helping one another along. Members of the peer group identify things that they need to work on, and, within a shared group covenant, design their own pathway forward. The peer group identifies the issues that are important to them, and we work on them together.
Adaptive Learning

We Collaborate as a Peer Learning Community

We've all had bad experiences in peer groups with our classmates, especially those horrible ones where no one wants to do anything and one person winds up doing all the work. Most ad hoc groups like these are generally highly ineffective. For more than 20 years, we've been specialists in healthy group formation and process. We help you build a healthy group of your peers, crafted around your unique goals, where we help one another along.

We Look up at the Big Picture of our Lives

Purpose is emergent. It's not a thing or an object that one can attain. It's not something that one discovers through thumbing through a course catalog of classes, majors, and degree programs. Purpose emerges as a product of our deepest values.

Our core value is that the adult learner is in charge of the learning process. That means we have faith in you, that you know what you need, that you know what you're capable of. We help you tap into that. Then the path ahead emerges and life direction comes into focus.

Our Group Guides Help Every Step of the Way

Teaching, coaching, mentoring, and counseling are all valuable and each has an important role to play. Teaching is primarily informational and technical. Coaching is oriented toward technique and encouragement, while mentoring is more relational and personal. Counseling is a one-to-one clincal process.

We offer a unique process of guidance led by what we call the peer group Guide. The group Guide combines both of the qualities of a coach and mentor, working as a process leader who facilitates adaptive change.


Our Methodology

Peer Learning Groups

Our peer group process is at the center of our learning methodology, and our peer groups are carefully crafted. There is nothing more vital to our success than healthy, authentic groups working in a covenant relationship to help one another along.

A peer group is 6-8 persons who come together around common needs and shared goals.

Our peer groups operate in a process of self-selection, self-direction, self-reflection, and self-accountability:


Groups form organically through individual buy-in. Though at times chaotic and messy, we don't interrupt the process by assigning individuals to groups.


With the help of their mentor, groups identify their own learning goals and design a learning path forward.


In a dialogical interplay between shared experiences and group reflection, individuals are offered opportunities to engage in deep, meaningful self-reflection.


In loving rather than punitive ways, groups help to hold one another accountable for the things that members identified that they wanted to work on.

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You'll be enrolled in our free Explorer Trail to help you understand what we do and how this can help. You'll also get access to our peer learning social community. After that, you’ll see the available next steps.

Our Purpose

Our brand is the silhouette of a compass with a person (blue) pointing up toward his/her life direction (lime). We believe that a deeper sense of life purpose leads to happier, heathier, more fulfilled lives. is not a substitute for clinical counseling. If you feel that you might be suffering from depression, anxiety, or have suicidal thoughts, it is vitally important that you seek out appropriate care from a mental health professional.
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