Who We Are

We've served as
pioneers in
peer learning
for over
20 years.

As pioneers in peer learning for over 20 years, we continue to apply our own peer group process in new ways, bringing people together to create cultures of support, learning, and ongoing renewal.

We all need space to step back, to refocus, to engage in re-creation and renewal. Our peer group process brings people together to carve intentional space to harness renewed energy, cultivate a deeper sense of purpose, and move forward in new ways.
Our Story


LearnersChoose has been a pioneer in developing an effective peer group learning process for more than 20 years. Since its inception, we have been working with experienced professionals to help them overcome isolation in their work, find new pathways to overcome obstacles, and to experience renewal and vitality in their personal and professional life. Purposely extends that same focus to anyone who wants to cultivate the purpose-grounded path.
We've been coaching and facilitating the peer group process for more than two decades, and we have continued to develop our process in new ways. Purposely is a byproduct of this ongoing development to multiply our impact and make a difference in people's lives. We've usually worked with peer groups in the context of private one to one facilitation and coaching, but not everyone can afford that level of direct, personal facilitation. In the Purposely peer learning community, we share all our experience to bring more people together into a larger conversation to create meaningful cultures of support, learning, and ongoing renewal.
Our work is grounded in faith. By faith, we do not mean a particular set of beliefs, dogma, or doctrine; rather, by faith we mean a deep connection to possibilities that are not easily seen, to an ability to tap into often hidden sources of strength within us, to an expansive view of life much bigger than what's right before us. The purpose-grounded path is very much a faith journey.
LearnersChoose is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization founded in 2001. We continue to offer unigue opportunities for adult learners to experience growth and renewal in both their professional and their personal life through a carefully crafted peer group process. We are an independent, educational non-profit organization and are not directly affiliated with any school or university.
To learn more about our history, methodology, and theory visit us at LearnersChoose.org.
Our Staff

Meet Our Team

Jay Robinson

Executive Director
Group Guide
Podcast Host

Jay serves as a friend of students and young adults as a mentor, life coach, and spiritual guide. While working closely with young adults throughout his career, for the past thirteen years he has worked exclusively with college students as the director of the Wesley non-profit student center on the campus of Jacksonville State University. He was a founding board member of the parent organization to LearnersChoose and began doing double duty as its executive director in 2015.

Jay began forming what has now become purposely.org over a span of several years. Frustrated by the outcomes that he was seeing in his own work with students--high drop-out rates, high debt, and especially the high percentage of slow and false starts after graduation--he set out to develop something that he hoped would help students acheive healthy long term outcomes. Now with years of development, purposely.org has expanded to encompass a broad vision to include anyone who wishes to cultivate the purpose-grounded path. Jay combines thirty years of experience into Purposely, both in working with students and adults in various contexts and in developing models of self-directed peer learning.


  • B.A., Birmingham-Southern College
  • M.Div., Vanderbilt University

Pathfinder Team

Pathfinders engage in advocacy and ongoing support
in the peer learning community

Scott Clark

Podcast Co-Host

Anna Marker

Digital Media Advocacy

Eric Cline

Peer Group Formation and Support

James Thompson

Community Support

Our Values Underpin Our


Groups form organically through individual buy-in. Though at times chaotic and messy, we don't interrupt the process by assigning individuals to groups.


With the help of their Group Guide, groups identify their own goals and design a learning path forward together.


In a dialogical interplay between shared experiences and group reflection, individuals are offered opportunities to engage in deep, meaningful self-reflection.


In loving rather than punitive ways, groups help to hold one another accountable for the goals and outcomes.
Our brand is the silhouette of a compass with a person (blue) pointing up toward his/her life direction (lime). We find our purpose in bringing people together for true collaboration that cultivates a purpose-grounded path.
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